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04 Apr

Hello Bodyevolve community!

My name is Jo Anthony and I’m a Level 4 Complementary Therapist. My treatments include Massage; Swedish and Deep tissue, Hot Stones, Reflexology, Indian Head, and Oncology Massage. I believe…

03 Mar

Take a look at our MASSAGE MENU!

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01 Jan

January Inspirations!

Inspirations of the month: JANUARY KELLY BUXTON
  Kelly always looks forward to her regular chiropractic check-ups! She not only recognizes the significance of chiropractic care for her own health but…

12 Dec

Inspirations of the Month

Jeanne Wilson Jeanne has been a true inspiration to us all from the moment the stepped in through the door. From her calming presence to her lovely smile. She is…

11 Nov

Health Talk – Headaches

On 3rd October we had our special Health Talk with Carolina about headaches and it was great! Some Top Tips for Headaches: Acupressure may be able to activate pressure points…

08 Aug

Tips on how to travel safely

This month our practitioners have provided some great tips on how to have a happy, healthy holiday! What things to pay attention to when traveling by plane, car and foot….

07 Jul

Paediatrics Seminar

Last weekend our practitioners had a Paediatrics seminar with dr Mike Marinus. It was an excellent opportunity to be updated on the best treatments for babies and children and common…

07 Jul

Suffering with Tight Muscles? 3 tips to ease them

Everyone experiences tight muscles throughout their lives. Tight muscles can occur for a few reasons. They can be temporary or chronic, either way, they can be frustrating and painful. They…

07 Jul

The Healing Touch: Exploring the Benefits of Sports Massage in Injury Recovery

Sports massage is a specialised form of massage therapy that plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation and recovery process for athletes and individuals dealing with injuries. By targeting specific…

06 Jun

Your foot posture is the result of your bodies imbalances

Did you know that your foot contributes to your brain’s proprioception?  Why is that important? Foot posture can affect the alignment of your lower limbs because your feet guide the…

06 Jun

Inspiration of the month!

Cathryn Moore “Cathryn adores and believes in chiropractic! A few weeks after beginning care at BodyEvolve, she was involved in a car accident, exacerbating her back spasms. Dr. Lye examined…

04 Apr

A Resolution to Rest!

The first half of the year is a popular time to make big changes and set resolutions for the year ahead, but why do so many fail so quickly? Let’s…

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