BodyEvolve offer a range of multidisciplinary care including Chiropractic, Osteomyology and Massage, provided by our experienced, fully qualified professionals.


Our Services include:


  • ChiropracticDr Michelle Treatment

Chiro= by hand ; practic= practice

Chiropractors specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions arising from mechanical dysfunction of the joints in the spine and body, and their effect on the nervous system. Once a diagnosis has been reached, a management plan will be advised using the best evidence informed approach.

Read more about What is Chiropractic and meet our Chiropractors

  • Osteomyology    sports massage and injury treatment

Osteo= bone ; myo= muscle ; ology = study of

Our Osteomyologist, holds a Degree in Osteopathy and a Bachelors in Physical Education and Pedagogy. Carolina uses a range of hands-on techniques, utilising the medicine of Osteopathic manipulation including spinal manipulation techniques, draws upon chiropractic techniques, cranial work, soft tissue release, massage and corrective exercises to ease pain and suffering. The aim is to restore proper function to the body and to encourage healing and repair.

Carolina is a member of the Association of Osteomyologists.

At BodyEvolve, all our practitioners are primary contact healthcare professionals, meaning you can consult us without a GP referral.

  • Massage      boost recovery

Sports Massage
Full and half body Swedish massage
Deep tissue massage
Sports Therapy

For our clients, we can even incorporate a massage plan into your chiropractic care schedule for optimal results.

For availability and bookings, please call us on 0161 478 4980.

  • Private healthcare insurance

If you intend to claim back the cost of your treatment through private health insurance, you must check with your insurance provider before commencing treatment. Most, but not all of our practitioners are available for insurance work, so please check with us and your insurance company first. All insurance companies offer different policies and it is not guaranteed that the cost of your treatment with us at BodyEvolve will be covered. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to claim, if you wish to do so. BodyEvolve Spinal Health & Wellness does not accept liability for any failed insurance claims. We are able to provide receipts if you wish to claim.

Back and Neck Pain

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