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Encouraging healthy behaviours at a young age will significantly improve the life of a child.

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As parents we want our children to have the best start. Although it is perceived that kids ‘bounce back’ from most things, it is important to realise that all childhood experiences will affect health and development.

Firstly, newborns are well adapted for birth with soft and supple bodies. Labour can affect the tension and pressure placed on a newborns body, spine, skull and nervous system, especially if birth requires intervention. Then as a child develops, their spinal curves change from a C shape to an S shaped curve as they start to lift their head and weight bear. An infant will fall an average of 38 times per day when learning to walk, so that’s a lot of bumps! The growth and development of a child is promoted through a full range of unrestricted movement. Every movement your child makes triggers parts of their brain which helps their neurological and motor development. Chiropractic care is helpful to monitor these processes as the spine and body develop, from when an infant learns to support their head, sit upright, crawl and take steps.

Emotional (school or family life) and chemical stresses (diet and toxins) contribute to a childs wellbeing and health. Accumulation of these stresses make it harder for them to adapt as they grow and develop.

With no more pressure than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato, a chiropractic adjustment will release areas of restriction in the body that may be affecting your childs comfort, wellbeing, health and happiness.

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"BodyEvolve was recommended to me at the schools sports day whilst watching my 9 year old daughter running her race and I commented on her unusual running action.

We met for the first assessment, it was brilliant, very reassuring and calm which put my daughter at ease.

The sessions worked wonders and the healthcare provided to my daughter was exceptional. A full program was provided that included home stretches & balance exercises.

I would highly recommend Body Evolve who have provided 1st class care to my daughter"

- Craig and Evie

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