What is Chiropractic

Did you know, five years of Doctorate education is required to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and accredited General Chiropractic Council registration…


Chiropractic is a Science, Art and Philosophy which focuses on restoring communication to the nervous system and function to the spine and soft tissues. The nervous system controls and coordinates your bodies healing response. Chiropractic enhances your natural ability to heal and allows you to function at your best, reducing pain and improving movement. Spinal nerves branch out from the brain and spinal cord to every part of your body – to muscles and ligaments, soft tissues, skin or organs. So when restricted areas are released, more aligned and working properly, your body’s function is improved and your emotional and mental state is more connected and less stressed.



How Chiropractors treat clients


Chiropractors analyse how your WHOLE body is working to locate where you need ‘adjusting’. An ‘Adjustment’ is applied from the Chiropractor by hand, as a specific manipulation, as gentle pressure or by use of an instrument. This releases the area of tension held in your spine, nervous system and body to enable it to function better.

Many people feel they are tremendously helped by this specific chiropractic method to get them working better. No part of our body or mind works independantly – so an approach focusing on your wellbeing from top to toe and inside-out, is what takes you towards a greater state of wellbeing and vitality.

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