Chiropractic for Pregnancy & Baby

An experienced Doctor of Chiropractic can help in pregnancy or examine a newborn, only days old, to ensure they are in the best of health.

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During pregnancy your body changes shape and flexibility to prepare for birth. This can bring on aches and pains in the back, pelvic girdle, the pubic symphysis and legs, and although common, it is not a normal part of pregnancy. It is a sign that the body is out of balance and can create stress and discomfort during early motherhood. Chiropractic is particularly valuable and effective when pregnant, it detects and gently releases areas of tension in your spine and body which affect your comfort and pregnancy pain, and how adaptable you are to carrying your baby. Optimal positioning of the unborn baby is important as it allows for an easier and quicker birth with less discomfort during pregnancy and more room for baby to move in the womb. Small trials have shown that women who received chiropractic during pregnancy had a reduced labour time of 24% to 39%. The health and happiness of a mother is hugely important during pregnancy, as the baby is directly impacted. Get a chiropractic check to ensure the best natural health for mums body and the developing baby.

Babies are well adapted for birth with soft and supple bodies. Sometimes during labour they can undergo intense, emotional or prolonged pressure which can affect their soft tissues, skull, spine and nervous system. This may be due to intervention at birth or a traumatic pregnancy or labour. Strain or pressure changes upon the newborn during labour can affect tension in babies spinal columns, muscles, soft tissues and organs. These restrictions may then give rise to symptoms.

An experienced Doctor of Chiropractic can examine a newborn, only days old, to ensure they are in the best of health, holding less tension with full range of movement and a nervous system free of interference.

An infant may not be able to tell you they are uncomfortable or under stress, but they can show it. Typically, you may know your child is unhappy or holding excessive tension if you notice these signs:

• Excessive crying
• Excessive irritability
• Difficulty feeding or latching on
• Difficulty on pooing
• Abdominal discomfort and reddened face
• Prefers holding head to one side only
• Developmental delays
• Ongoing ear or chest infections
• As a parent, you will feel they are just not happy or settling

Trained in paediatric care, your chiropractor can help put your mind at rest and offer the advice you need, or when necessary refer to another healthcare practitioner. Having worked in Hospital Antenatal Clinics throughout the UK, with midwives and in family practices with many babies and parents, Dr Michelle Chrapkowska is an experienced chiropractor offering safe, gentle and effective drug-free care for children of all ages. Get in touch with our friendly team today to arrange an appointment.

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