A Resolution to Rest!

April 27th 2023

The first half of the year is a popular time to make big changes and set resolutions for the year ahead, but why do so many fail so quickly?

Let’s forget about the calendar and look to Nature.  Winter is a time for rest and reflection. The days are shorter and and we feel tired with less energy.  How about we lean into that and think about the things we’re NOT going to do instead of adding more things to our to-do list? Spring is the time for new growth and when things start to awaken with longer days  Your body will respond better if you focus on nourishing it, not punishing it.  A big reason so many get ill in Winter is they’ve ignored the changes the seasons ask them to make – especially resting more.  So our current  resolutions will be self-care, eating nourishing foods and planting seeds for Spring resolutions.

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