Why Visit a Chiropractic During Pregnancy?

September 7th 2020

There are many reasons why you will benefit hugely from visiting a chiropractic during pregnancy, starting with a balanced pelvis. So, why is a balanced pelvis so important during pregnancy and birth?


The pelvis is like a protective basket in which your baby sits.

Your baby is encased in a fluid-filled balloon inside the uterus and within this they grow, stretch and manoeuvre as they develop. The uterus is anchored by ligaments into the pelvis, just like a hot air balloon is anchored by ropes into the ground. These ligaments and the surrounding muscles should have a balanced tone, so that the uterus sits in the pelvis allowing for plenty of room for baby to turn, develop and grow. If the bony pelvis is ‘misaligned’ or has restriction in the joints and soft tissues, then this may affect the ability of the baby to shift into different positions during pregnancy and birth. Hence, baby may prefer a breech or transverse position.


As a specialist chiropractic for pregnancy and newborn babies, our job is to look after mother and baby to allow plenty of space for movement, comfort and ease by balancing the pelvis, body and baby position with gentle hands-on care.

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