Welcome to our new Chiropractor!

December 23rd 2022

Welcome to BodyEvolve’s New Chiropractor

Hello, my name is Dr Lye. As a chiropractor, I genuinely enjoy the process of ongoing and continuous learning to provide the best care to the community.

For me, chiropractic is a lifestyle. It entails much more than just spinal manipulation or relieving your pains and discomfort. A chiropractic lifestyle includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, and most importantly, being mindful of your mind-body connection. It is about making a conscious effort to work towards healthy living and wellness, instead of waiting for health issues to arise.
I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience a better lifestyle by having a fully functioning nervous system. The sooner you embrace a chiropractic lifestyle, the better it is for your health now and in the future.


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