Autumn has Arrived!!!

November 15th 2022

Are you enjoying your colourful Autumnal walks yet?

The colder and fresher months are here and although we instinctively seek to keep warm and cosy, make sure you get outside to blow away the cobwebs, germs and witness nature at it’s most vibrant. Most of us check out the weather reports to judge when is best to venture outdoors. My advice… don’t believe the weatherman, or the weather app! Go outside, absorb your surroundings, get moving and enjoy the autumn gusty glory. Do you feel those arthritic aches and pains as the cold and damp weather approaches? Did you know that you’d be classed as a wise advisor by prehistoric families! Changes in atmospheric pressure would indicate the need to seek shelter as the elders would “feel it in their bones”. So aches and pains are actually a survival mechanism. How clever is your body! So, treat your senses to a colourful Autumn walkabout and celebrate the wisdom in your bones.

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