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Childs Nervous System Featured

It's a child's nervous system that controls their amazing development

This week during  Spinal Awareness week, we have focused our attention each day on a different area of posture awareness. Most people are aware of their own posture and how it can affect their day to day lives, but are completely unaware of how their babies and toddlers are developing great (or less than ideal!) posture habits.

Chiropractors spend years learning about the nervous system and how it develops and functions. They are highly trained in applying their knowledge in a safe and effective way to help you get the most out of your life. The earlier this starts, the better for your lifetime of health.

The nervous system is the master controller of your body and we are designed to perfectly develop skills such as sitting, rolling, crawling and walking as we grow so that our message pathways work in the right way.

A number of UCA Chiropractors who have a special interest and training in Paediatric Chiropractic Techniques have become more concerned about the use of popular 'baby aids' which bypass some of these important steps. While a busy parent may find it convenient to place their active and curious baby in something that encourages scooting around or enables them to sit up before they have the muscles and nerve pathways to do so. They have come up with some guidelines to encourage parents to support the appropriate growth and development of their children's nervous system.

  1. Support your baby/toddler where they are currently in their development. Don't encourage them to spend more time sitting or standing (in aids) before their own body is ready to support this.
  2. Give them plenty of tummy time. Start with five minutes at a time and build up the time they spend on their tummy. This encourages the spinal curves to develop properly and stimulates the area of the brain that deals with learning and co-ordination.
  3. Encourage games and play time that involves moving the hands and feet in similar patterns to crawling such as touching toes with opposite hands. This teaches the brain to co-ordinate and stimulates nerve pathways between arms and legs to work properly.
  4. Find a Chiropractor who can check that your child is free of any interference between the brain and the body so they can develop to their best potential. Gently, safely and effective care for our children

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