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BodyEvolve Chiropractors are registered members of the statute body the General Chiropractic Council and of the United Chiropractic Association or Scottish Chiropractic Association. They are accredited with specific chiropractic qualifications to Doctorate level, and use a courtesy title of 'Dr' however hold no general medical qualification.


Dr Michelle Chrapkowska (B.A Hons, MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic, LRCC)

I was introduced to chiropractic in 2001 whilst studying a Sport, Health and Exercise degree at Durham University. The chiropractor amazed me. He showed how a dysfunction in the spine and nervous system could make the body weak and unstable - even in professional athletes. Once corrected, full function returned instantly! From this moment, I witnessed how our health and fitness could be altered simply by ‘touch’, so I embarked on a second degree to fulfil my dream of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.

I’ve had chiropractic care for 14 years and it has been invaluable to my health, personal development and wellbeing. I found the profession opened up a community of like-minded  friends and mentors, with common values and goals upon health and lifestyle.

Since 2009, I’ve been a keen public speaker in the UK Association of Speakers Clubs. In 2012, I was delighted to win 1st place in the National Speakers Topics Contest. I've had great opportunities of guest speaking around Manchester about my passion for chiropractic and finding ‘true health’, without the need for drugs/surgery.  Previously, I worked in the fitness industry for 5 years as a gym/spinning instructor and continue to enjoy my own training, including running and yoga. Outside the clinic, much of my time is spent with my dogs, horse and the great outdoors - my relaxation and playtime!

As part of continued professional development every year, I currently attend seminars throughtout Europe, including the International Paediatric Chiropractic Association, particularly in Pregnancy and Infant care and in the gentle innovative technique of Network Spinal Analysis. I've helped many new mums, health professionals and consultants, athletes and celebrities during their pregnancies. As the Director at BodyEvolve, we attained the Royal College of Chiropractic PPQM award for excellence 2016-18.

I take great satisfaction in helping to enhance the lives of babies, children, parents and grandparents alike. Natural holistic care offers greater wellness to the whole family, giving all members a happier and healthier future. A gift that is truly rewarding!


Dr Abdul Mohammed (MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic)

dr moI'm a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner with an interest in pregnancy and paediatrics, and I take great satisfaction in finding the root cause of health issues. I have previously worked in Stockport for two and a half years in a busy practice, and I have been privileged to provide chiropractic care to members of the Saudi royal family, and some TV personalities.

I found BodyEvolve's family-orientated atmosphere very appealing - my interest in pregnancy and paediatrics led to me being certified in the Webster technique by the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association, and I also use the activator method, a gentle chiropractic technique suitable for children and adults alike.

I'm passionate about creating change through chiropractic and lifestyle, which led to me to studying with the Institute of Functional Medicine, and qualifying as a Functional Medicine Practitioner, and I also regularly give talks about nutrition and posture to members of the public.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling to new places, eating delicious food and spending time with family and friends. For the past six years I have spent my summers in India doing providing voluntary chiropractic care, a truly rewarding experience.

My mission is to deliver world class healthcare and education to maximise people’s health, and to inspire them to build a healthier future for themselves and future generations. 


Natasha Hirst (Chiropractic Assistant)

Your visit to the centre will start with a warm welcome from Natasha.

My first experience of chiropractic was in 2008, whilst I was a student. During my first adjustment I felt an amazing release of tension in my neck and tingles down my spine, and I've had regular chiropractic care ever since. I notice how chiropractic allows my body to unwind tension, helping me to relax and generally feel fantastic. For me, regular chiropractic care goes hand in hand with frequent exercise and eating nutritious food for optimal health.

I have always had a strong interest in natural health, and I studied my degree in Nutrition and Public Health at Huddersfield University. After graduating I began working as a Chiropractic Assistant, also offering private nutrition consultations and giving talks about healthy eating to various community groups.

I believe that the key healthy eating is falling in love with the food we eat - choosing good quality ingredients, getting back in the kitchen and cooking from scratch so food can taste as great as possible. My hobbies include sailing and nia dancing, and in my spare time you can usually find me curled up with a good book, or in the kitchen trying out a new recipe!


 Nicola Brocklehurst (Chiropractic Assistant)

I made the decision at the end of 2015 to change career direction and take a little time out to focus on improving my health.  I went on to spend the main part of 2016 strengthening my body through a variety of exercise, improving my knowledge around nutrition and began to understand the impact of western farming and diet on our health.  I experienced a number of complementary therapies to aid my recovery and spent many hours painstakingly researched my symptoms and began to learn about the impact of vitamin and mineral deficiencies on the body.  I wanted to better understand how the body works and was determined to find the health and vitality I’d experienced before and knew was possible again. 

Twelve months on and I am symptom free, physically stronger than I ever have been and now enthusiastic about developing a new career somewhere within in the health and wellness industry.

In am currently in the process of completing qualifications in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Reiki Therapy and Mindful Eating.

I also run a page on social media - ‘Discovering Wellness UK’ where I share well referenced natural health news and recipes.  Personally, I also have an interest in life coaching strategies, specifically Neuro-Linguistic Programming and am an avid reader of self help books.  I also have a keen interest in meditation/mindfulness, the practice of yoga and creative writing/journaling.




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