Research has shown that slumped posture affects our concentration, memory, circulation, leads to aches and pains, and even how people judge us. 

How can sitting up straight be so good for us?

The nervous system is made up of our brain, spinal cord and nerves and it relays signals through the entire body. It perceives what is going on around us, coordinates and controls our bodies and communicates our thoughts. A slumped posture stresses the spine and prevents easy communication of the nervous system as it contributes to ‘adverse mechanical cord tension’.

Our spines aren't really designed to be sitting, as the natural S-shaped spinal curves are lost. It is estimated that 29% of the UK population sit down for 15 hours or more a day (BCA, 2009), so it's not surprising that our bodies start to ache and we store tension.  Hanging out in a slumped posture increases the stretch of a muscle. After 20 minutes, it becomes underactive and no longer supports the spine as it needs to. Opposing muscle groups are put under stress and they become tight and over-contracted. This typically creates rounded, elevated shoulders, the head held forward and an increased curve in the mid-back. As we sink into our comfort zone we creep further away from good posture and lose our ability to return to it. That is why good posture can seem like hard work.

Chiropractic naturally creates better posture as areas in the spine and nervous system are released.  A non-invasive method of unwinding tension and stress, chiropractic improves posture and moves you towards a smarter, taller, more focused and confident individual.

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