Health Workshops

health workshop

Here at BodyEvolve, we run regular workshops to help you on your own health journey. These include 'Beginning Care' workshops, Somato-Respiratory Integration, Nutrition and Exercise workshops.


Would you like a Professional Speaker?   

If you require a guest speaker to provide an informative and entertaining talk about health and wellness, ASK US!

Our Doctor of Chiropractic has a wealth of education to share and being a member of the Association of Speakers Clubs UK, she knows how to deliver an inspiring speech!

We have presented at a number of different functions, such as:

  • Home Office UK Border Agency, Manchester
  • Antenatal Clinics, Stepping Hill and Bournemouth Hospital
  • Tameside Radio Enterprise Hour, Manchester
  • PROBUS Clubs throughout Stockport
  • Christ Church Wives Group, Stockport


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