Your First Visit

In your initial consultation, your chiropractor requires a full medical history and details of your current concerns. A physical examination will analyse your posture, movement and function through orthopaedic and neurological tests. This visit takes about 1 hour and provides you with a report of findings.
If chiropractic is deemed appropriate for you then the option of care will be given, if not, your chiropractor can refer you to a suitable health care provider.

Upon your second visit, lasting about 20 mins, you will recieve your chiropractic adjustment and advise will be given upon aftercare at home. A check up, 2-3 days later will assess your progress and you will be given a recommendation of care schedule.

Trained in Radiology, Chiropractors can use X-Rays in their diagnosis or further scans may be taken, but only when necessary and agreed to.   Care is not implicated by other therapies such as massage or physiotherapy.

BodyEvolve Family Chiropractic offers a wealth of advice on health optimisation. Therapeutic or rehabilitative exercises are provided, and nutritional or lifestyle recommendations. We provide an environment for you to discover how to support yourself and to create the wellbeing you deserve.


Initial Consultation and Examination - £46

Chiropractic Session - Adult £31   Child £26

We accept payment by cash or card